“As Much as 60 to 70 Pounds Lost”: With No Sunlight, Fresh Air or Nutrition, Brittney Griner Possibly Facing Hellish Conditions in Russian Prison Cell as Per Hostage Expert

By now, the entire sports world is aware of Russia’s detention of Brittney Griner. The WNBA star flew in to play basketball and carried vape cartridges containing hash oil, which is illegal in the country. The seven-time All-Star has not been in touch with family or friends for the past seven months. The 31-year-old, who lives far away from home every day, could face some challenging conditions.

Penal colonies in Russia have a reputation for being one of the worst prison systems in the world. Additionally, the reported first-hand accounts of conditions in the colonies illustrate the situation Griner may find himself in. In particular, overcrowding and poor sanitation are common features of penal colonies in Russia. In addition, the inmates have to do heavy physical labor.

Likewise, Brittney Griner could be in a similar situation. A hostage expert, who has now been stuck for over 200 days, described the possible conditions the 31-year-old could face.

It might not be easy for Brittney Griner

Hostage expert Amy Manson sheds light on the potential challenges Griner could face. According to Manson, poor nutrition and a lot of stress on the body are common consequences. The expert estimated that Griner, 31, may have lost up to 70 pounds and shared some gruesome details. Also, according to Manson, she may not even have had access to fresh air or sunlight.

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“Rumor has it this isn’t her first time being arrested in Russia”: The NBA legend offers a grand take on Brittney Griner’s incarceration saga

20 days ago

manson said “They face the reality of poor nutrition, sometimes without access to fresh air or real daylight.”

“Some of our returnees are at risk of losing 50-60-70 pounds,” Manson added.

As negotiations between the US and Russia continue, a possible prisoner swap has been discussed as a possible solution to the problem. The WNBA and its stars have long demanded that Brittney Griner be released and brought home safely. WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert named Griner an honorary All-Star in June.

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In addition, her wife, Cherelle Griner, even met with US President Joe Biden to talk about Brittney Griner. After their meeting at the White House, she was grateful to Biden for meeting with her and showing his support.


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“I want to thank President Biden for today’s meeting. It was an honor to speak to him directly about the Brittney we know and love and to thank him for the government’s efforts to secure her release.” Cherelle said in a statement.

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