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Many parents want to know why public school teachers can’t just let their kids be kids without forcing sex and an inappropriate sexual agenda on them in elementary, middle, and high school.

This, along with the Critical Race Theory agenda, led to the amazing parenting revolution first observed in Virginia but now never more prominent than in California.

California lawmakers even passed Rep. Cristina Garcia’s (D-Bell Gardens) quixotic Assembly Bill 367, the Menstrual Equity for All Act of 2021, which now requires a boys’ restroom in every middle and high school to have tampon dispensers.

Christopher Rufo of the Manhattan Institute and City Journal has documented the shocking sexualization of preschool school children. And it’s not the birds and the bees that radical teachers expose their children to.

In his latest report, Rufo debunks the National Education Association, which sponsors instruction in “anal sex,” “bondage,” “sadomasochism,” and “fisting” in public schools.

According to Rufo, the NEA and its local Hilliard, Ohio affiliate have provided employees in the Hilliard City school district with QR code-enabled badges “that link to the NEA LGBTQ+ Caucus website and resources from equality activist organizations like Scarleteen, Sex.” etc., Gender Spectrum, The Trevor Project and Teen Health Source.”

Rufo continues:

One such linked resource is Teen Health Source’s “Queering Sexual Education,” which promises to “empower teens” and includes guidance on “anal sex,” “bondage,” “rimming,” “dominance,” and “sadomasochism.” Muffing” and “Fisting”. The materials are extremely descriptive and explain, for example, how to “[put] a fist or whole hand into a person’s vagina or butt.”

The Teen Health Source site would make even the most hardened, gray-haired docker blush.

This is a screenshot of the NEA LGBTQ+ website showing the partners: CTA, the California Teachers Association union, and California Casualty, Auto, and Home Insurance.

NEA LGBTQ+ website. (Photo: screen capture)

It seems that as more parents reveal the fanatical sexual agenda in public schools, the more extremist it becomes.

California is ground zero for craziness

President of the nonprofit California Teachers Empowerment Network and education analyst Larry Sand, recently writing in American Greatness, reports on a recent PDK International poll that found only 50 percent of adults trust teachers to teach citizenship, and while a fair 38 percent believe they can deal with “gender/sexuality issues.”

“What could possibly cause such negativity?” asks Sand. “For the most part, it’s down to the ‘awakened’ revolution impacting the lives of American children.”

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Sand explains that California, “ground zero for all craziness, is where the state puts its stamp on an endless parade of perversity.” He offers these examples:

  • In Los Angeles, the school district proudly hosts a “Rainbow Club,” a 10-week district-wide virtual club for “LGBTQ+ elementary school students, their friends, and their adults.” The poster states that it is for children in TK-5 (“TK” or Transitional Kindergarten consists of 4-year-olds.)
  • A high school teacher in the Capistrano School District has a “queer library” in her classroom. It is filled with over 100 books, some of which contain sex pictures, information about orgies, sex parties and BDSM.
  • In addition, the state Department of Education recommends books that teach expanded sexualities and gender identities to young students. For example, the country recommends “Julian is a Mermaid” for preschool and kindergarten children. The book describes a little boy who wants to be a sea creature, after seeing a parade of people dressed as mermaids along the way with his grandmother. The boy puts on lipstick, sews himself a mermaid costume and his grandmother gives him a pearl necklace to complete his outfit.

That’s fanaticism. But Sand rightly points out: “At the local level, parents hold the key.”

“The grassroots parenting revolution is real and will erupt in all parts of California,” Lance Izumi, director of education at the Pacific Research Institute, told the Globe. He continued:

“It was parents in San Francisco who kicked out far-left school board members who had no connection to the community’s educational causes. Now you’ll see lists of parents running for their local school boards popping up across California. These parents are fed up with the politicized curriculum and ideological indoctrination their children receive. They are also fed up with the special-interest agenda of teachers’ unions and the widespread failure of public schools to improve their children’s achievements. Parents have poured their energy into school board meetings, demanding that their districts be accountable and transparent. Now they will bring that energy, focus and dedication to the November elections. I predict that in many districts there will be mass turnover in the school boards and that parents will end up holding the reins. It is then up to them to create real change in public schools and ensure that children and parents come first.”

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California Superintendent of Public Instruction

Outsider candidate for California Superintendent of Public Instruction, Lance Christensen, told the Globe on Wednesday, “Everything that touches on the education curriculum comes from the superintendent’s office,” since the superintendent sits on the California Board of Education.

Christensen, father of five, said:

“As education policies continue to do things that are inconsistent with community values ​​and parents’ desires, they realized their school boards had no recourse to them. Nobody else would stand up and save their children.”

“So in the Year of the Parents, people are stepping up to stand up for the kids and bring sanity back into the schools,” Christensen said. “I personally support anyone who runs for school board, who fights for parental rights and school choice.”

“And it’s going to be at the local level that we’re taking our schools back and I’m going to be the voice of that movement,” Christensen added. “Having a massive bullying pulpit for parenting rights is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Parents’ rights

“This year, parenting rights are on the ballot like never before,” says Rep. Kevin Kiley (R-Granite Bay) on his school board race endorsement page. Kiley recently announced that he endorses and endorses outstanding parent- and student-friendly candidates running for school boards across California and says he will continue to do so.

Placer County School Board Candidates Endorsed by Rep. Kevin Kiley. (Photo:

Kiley’s initial recommendations grew into his Champions for Kids directory, that is available on his website.

This catastrophic learning loss

Shawn Steel, California Republican National Committee member, recently wrote an op-ed in The Globe debunking UTLA, the LA teachers’ union, for “strongly opposing standardized testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This test data could have sounded the alarm about the catastrophic learning loss caused by distance learning,” Steel said. “At every turn, UTLA aggressively blocked plans to reopen schools. As of March 2021, 91 percent of UTLA members opposed the reopening of schools and remained in distance learning programs that were causing children to fall behind.”

After denying this learning loss, UTLA resisted extra days of classes to help the kids catch up. “There is no learning loss,” Cecily Myart-Cruz, president of United Teachers Los Angeles, told Los Angeles magazine last year.

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“This catastrophic learning loss should be teachers’ greatest concern. Instead, the top teachers’ union denies it even exists,” Steel said.

CA Teachers Union conducted Oppo research on parents wanting schools to reopen during COVID

This was recently reported by The Globe Reopen California schools exposed about emails received through the California Public Records Act, the California Teachers Association union is asking conducted opposition research into parent groups pushing for schools to reopen while the government ordered COVID school closures in California. Instead of a healthy response and reaction to the concerns of so many parents, the CTA doubled down and went on the offensive, politically targeting mothers and fathers who were protecting their children.

The Globe spoke to Dry Creek School Board candidate Jean Pagnone (above) about why she made the decision to run for her school board – she definitely reaffirms her resolve:

“I made the decision to run for the Dry Creek School Board when I realized I could no longer stand by and watch state and local schools fail our children, parents and teachers. Schools have children for 9 months of the year. Parents have their children for life. I think one of the things we’ve learned from the pandemic is that we don’t have the luxury of blind faith by sending our kids to school every day. What we see is that parents are ignored and disrespected – be it a lack of transparency on controversial or sensitive issues or medical decisions that rest with the parents. I’ve also heard from many teachers who have quit or are considering leaving because they are not happy with what they are being told. And let me tell you, there are a lot of great teachers out there fighting for the kids, but they can’t speak out publicly.”

“The children left behind break my heart. We have seen what school closures and mask requirements have done to our children. Dry Creek figures for 2020-2021 show that 56% fail to meet class standards in math. 43% fail to meet class standards in reading. We need to address these failure rates, focus on the basics, and provide an education that values ​​the success of EVERY child.”

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