Talk To Danielle Podcast is earning praise from fans and critics alike for its sensitive approach to mental health and well-being

The podcast was started in August 2022 by Danielle C. Baker, CEO and Founder of Being Connected

Danielle C. Baker’s new podcast, Talk to Danielle, which launched in August, has been very well received by her fans. The podcast addresses topics that many people would not talk about in normal situations. It focuses on mental health and well-being. What makes the podcast truly unique is the transparency and informative nature as Danielle doesn’t withhold anything from the listeners. She discusses information that would make someone’s life easier. The podcast also offers people without a voice the opportunity to express themselves. The topics cover a wide range of topics, such as B.: changing perspective for a more inclusive environment, dealing with challenging parenting situations, changing thinking for limitless achievement and more.

The podcast gives a deep dive into the culture behind Danielle’s company, Being Connected. The services offered by the company were created to remove the boxes that everyone is forced to fit into when it comes to learning and healing. They accept and respect everyone for who they are, without exception. They offer support and assistance to make people feel heard and seen.

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The podcast touches on topics that help people recognize each individual’s uniqueness and make the necessary changes to embrace each individual’s individuality.

Danielle said: “One of my guests talks about his challenges as a father. He is discriminated against because of his looks. After the recording, he thanked me for giving him the chance to tell his story. The guests on the podcast speak from their real-life experience and don’t say anything they’ve learned from books.”

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Danielle will also be part of a new French TV talk show airing in September – La Realite De La Parentalite on the TV Rogers Ottawa cable network. It will highlight modern parenting.

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About Connectedness:

Being Connected was founded in 2020 to support parents, teachers and carers of children. Danielle C. Baker, who has worked in the education industry for 19 years, recognized the urgent need to change the way education is approached. The company seeks to update the antiquated education system to meet the needs of each student, rather than requiring them to conform to the system.

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